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email: kate@katesjapanesecookingstudio.com

Because of her passion to teach her philosophy of Japanese Cuisine with "Ichigo-Ichie",  Kate is a well of culinary knowledge. Her enthusiasm for authentic Japanese cuisine is contagious! Becoming a traditional Japanese chef is not a mystery. It's a skill that you can master with the right guidance from an experienced teacher. Learning from Kate, you will rapidly enhance your cooking knowledge and fine tune your skills, while having fun in the process. This applies equally to creative men who want to share their sensitivity with someone special!
What people are saying...
"Wow, what a unique experience! Kate imparts a deep set of cooking skills and her personality makes the classes fun. My favorite dish is "sukiyaki Ni"! The meat is tender, savory and I just cannot stop reaching for more! I highly recommend Kate's classes for family bonding, dates or corporate events!        
 Darya- Lake Forest, CA

"Kate masterfully makes tasty and healthy dishes quick and simple!"           

Adrian - Lake Forest, CA

Kate cooks not just typical American food, but also traditional Japanese food, fusion food (mixture of Asian food with American twist to it), and other cuisines such as Italian.  She will use fresh ingredients and most of her dishes have her personal touches with secret ingredients.  Kate is very knowledgeable with different techniques for prepping the food.  Whenever she explains to me how to cook dishes, she makes it seem so simple.  Every dish she prepared for me is very nutritious and well balanced, yet very delicious.  She is very organized and relaxed whenever she is cooking for us.       

Karan - Irvine

How amazing and delicious dishes Kate makes! Starting with the way she decorates the food till the amazing taste of the food!! I have a 4 year old that's such a picky eater but she absolutely loves the way Kate makes! If you need to know how to make lil lunches with a daily vitamins content you need to go to her classes. Her lil son Eric is the only child I've seen eating fruits and veggies with such an appetite!!       

Mihaela - Newport Beach

I had the pleasure to partake of a most wonderful dinner that Kate’s kitchen prepared in her lovely home. I was part of group learning the preparation of a Japanese menu. Kate used the freshest of ingredients; some so authentic she can only get them from Japan. Kate was very thorough and organized, explaining every detail of the process, origin and use of every ingredient and the art of preparation, all the while she was very gracious, patient and extremely entertaining. We had so much fun participating in the preparation where she showed particular ways of preparation that would make a difference in the final outcome of the dishes. She made appetizers and salads and two main dishes and complemented each one with the drinks that would bring an unforgettable dining experience with authentic Japanese cuisine. To top it all, each dish was prepared with exquisite visual artistry in the presentation. I recommend Kate for your teaching, catering and entertaining delight! 

Bet Malarkey

Kate has been a frequent participant in my large group of cooking enthusiasts, and recently taught a class in Japanese cuisine.  We have had many evenings where various cuisines have been explored, with many different professional chefs, and this evening with her was the best of all!  She really taught all of the participants the basics of flavoring and the principles of preparation of the many dishes she taught - and everyone was amazed!  We had 13 people for a sit-down dinner after the preparation and it was a fabulous affair.  She is scheduled to teach another class next month - back by popular demand!          

Michael Duggan-Dana Point

My husband and I had a lot of fun in Kate's first class!  She was very engaging and the class was very well coordinated.  The finished meal really appealed to all our senses since not only did all the dishes taste great using high quality ingredients, they were also very beautiful as Kate really focused on presentation.  I am excited as she continues to develop and introduce more Japanese influenced dishes in her classes. 
Wendy-Costa Mesa

I really enjoyed Kate's Cooking class! I learned how to prep and cook new dishes while having fun at the same time. The food was absolutely delicious! My favorite was the miso marinated cod. It was cooked perfectly and had great flavor. Kate's passion for food and cooking is evident in the class. You can tell that she truly enjoys what she's doing and making sure everyone has a great experience. I can't wait to take another class from Kate!

Kim -Tustin

Kate was a lovely host and a great teacher! Her house is absolutely beautiful and looks like it came right out of a designer magazine!
The menu she had for the cooking class was so delicious! It was a complete and healthy meal, and my daughter ate it all up as well! I love her healthy substitutions and fresh ingredients! We loved everything from the homemade mango salad dressing to the curry-flavored asparagus and red pepper quiche! She simplified everything and didn't make cooking seem so intimidating! She even gives suggestions on how to mix it up! 
I give Kate and her cooking class my 100% endorsement and fully recommend you take her class! It was really fun and great experience!  


All dishes were perfect! The layout and presentation of the foods were very elegant!

Kumiko -Irvine

I had so much fun at yKate's cooking class with my friends. Kate has so much passion for food and it shows. I love the details Kate puts into the class, such as, the champagne pairings, learning about new spices, and very impressed with the presentation. The black cod was to die for! Kate's class has inspired me to cook more for my family. We definitely need more nights like this. Good food, good friends, and good convos.
Sharon - Irvine