Land Dishes 
Seared chicken with sweet ginger sauce
Seared chicken with sweet miso garlic sauce
Chicken and burdoc-stock with sweet ginger soy sauce
Seared chicken tenders with pickled plum sauce
Stuffed chicken with shiitake with yuzu miso sauce 
Pork shoga yaki (Sautéed pork with ginger soy sauce sauce)

Pork skeward with enoki mushroom, with shichimi sauce 
Roasted pork tenderloin with miso sauce
Roasted pork with sweet onion and apple sauce
Pork chop with Yuzu pepper sauce
Roasted pork tenderloin in lemon garlic sauce
Shishito pepper wrapped with thin sliced pork

Cold pork salad with mixed green, savory sesame dressing

Kate's crispy pork gyoza

Kate's meatloaf with tomato sauce

Kate's meatloaf with mushroom and soy radish sauce

Kate's chicken meatballs with cilantro ginger soy broth

Beef mille-feuille with red wine sauce

Wrapped beef with seasonal veggies in savory soy sauce
Beef sukiyaki-ni

Stuffed tofu curd with ground beef in sweet soy sauce

Roasted prime beef with Kate's rosemarry sauce

Prime beef steak with savory soy garlic sauce

Beef tataki-seared beef- with soy-grind radish sauce 

​Beef tataki-seared beef with wasabi sauce

Beef bourguignon-beef cooked with red wine 

Italian and Japanese Affair

Triple mushroom and pancetta with grated radish sauce Sautéed wild mushroom in light garlic soy sauce 
Seared eggplant with soy garlic sauce
Warm veggie dipp with creamy anchovy sauce
Silky tofu and tomato shiso Caprese Linguine with sautéd hijiki, veggies and bacon in garlic soy broth
Penne with shiso pesto sauce

Linguine with pickled plums and shiso leaves pesto
Linguine with sautéed clams in sake broth
Bucatini with chicken and Trumpet mushrooms with creamy miso ​Stuffed pasta with minced shrimp in tomato sauce

​Spaghetti with pollock roe and toasted seaweed
Pollock roe rissotto
Creamy porcini mushroom rissotto 
Creamy rissotto with Japanese pumpkin

Grilled anchovy in lemon onion butter sauce

​​Shrimp with Kate's spicy tomato miso sauce

Sautéed manila clams with sake soy broth

Sautéed  manila clams with garlic lemon sauce ​

Curried panko crusted white fish 

Vegetable Garden

Burdoc stick and carrots -Kinpira Gobo
Green Beans with soy sesame sauce
Spinach and small sardines with light soy broth and bonita flakes
Stuffed koya-tofu with grated pork in sweet soy broth

Potato and beef stew in sweet savory soy broth

Savory egg custard with shrimp, mushroom, ginconut, and mitsuba

Iri-tofu-- Stir fry tofu and veggies in sweet soy sauce  

Sautéed eggplant and green pepper with spicy miso sauce

Mushroom trio in anchovy marinade sauce

Chinese cabbage, crab flakes and mushroom in soy and yuzu broth

Mountain potatoes with pickled plum sauce

Quattro mushrooms sauté with spicy Japanese shichimi sauce

Tofu dip; vegetables with miso and sesame paste

Celery and shiitake mushroom flan with soy milk

Asparagus and sweet yellow pepper quiche with soy sauce hint of Japanese curry powder 

Japanese Pumpkin and vegetables ratatouille

Stewed Japanese pumpkin in sweet soy broth

Peeled asparagus salad with goat cheese in sesame dressing

Brussels sprout and apricot salad with cottage cheese dressing 

Cilantro and wild mushroom salad with Kate's sesame dressing

Roasted beets in soy wasabi sauce

Roasted beets with garlic and maple sylop sauce

Cucumber salad with sweet sesame dressing

Mizuna and broiled tofu curd salad with yuzu pepper dressing

Romain lettuce and toasted seaweed salad with pickled plum dressing

Kate's Aquarium 

Miso marinated salmon

Miso Marinated black cod

Shio-koji marinated salmon 

Broiled mackerel with grated radish sauce 

Rolled up pike fish with oba-leaf in yuzu miso sauce

Ahi tuna poki with Kate's sesame dressing

Seared Tuna with lemon garlic soy sauce

Seared scallop with jalapeño vinaigrette
Seared scallop with mango lemon sauce

Shrimp ceviche in bed of quinoa with yuzu sauce

Yellowtail carpaccio with seaweed soy sauce

Octopus carpaccio with splash of lemon juice and sea salt

Seared stuffed halibut with okara(tofu) 

Stuffed Shitake mushrooms with minced shrimp

Stuffed shishito pepper with minced shrimp

​Shrimp salad with avocado and eggs, side of wasabi dressing

Potato and Octopus salad with wasabi garlic dressing

Shrimp saute with garlic lemon sauce

Sautéed calamari with sweet soy ginger sauce

Sautéed  red-snapper with soy lemon garlic sauce

Lightly sautéed clam in sake soy broth


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These wonderful dishes will be taught in Kate's classes!

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Kiddos's Bento Box

Upon request

Hot Days with Hot Soup or Summer time with cold bisque


Miso Soup (broth extracted from seaweed) 

Ton-jiru (Miso Soup with sliced pork and veggies)

Spinach suimono-broth with light soy sauce

Clam suimono-broth with light soy sauce​

Minced shrimp ball in light soy broth

Shrimp wan-tan soup with Kate's original broth

Mtsutake suimono-broth with light soy sauce (Seasonal)

Kakitama jiru - egg drop soup with light soy sauce

Udon noodle soup

Soba noodle​​ soup

​Harusame noodle soup

Tofu gazpachos with tomato

Squash bisque 

Leek and asparagus bisque accent of miso

Asparagus bisque 

Potato and leak gaspatcho 

Summer tomato bisque hint of jalapeño

Summer green pea bisque with fresh lemon juice