Authentic French 

Kate is collaborating with prestigious French chef Dominique Fournier. Join us to learn authentic French technique!! 
Chef Fournier and I will offer you a four course French culinary experience, with delightful table settings to complement the dishes. 

You will become an expert in setting up for elegant dinner parties. 
Duration:  3 to 3.5 hours (depending on menu. ) *Call for times
Fee : $100 per person ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipes and 4 course meal )

Private Session :

Want to take Kate's class in private session? 

Kate will teach you her recipes step by step.   

You will learn how to make Kate's dishes through intensive and customized menu and easy-step instruction.

Duration: 3 hours (depending on menus.) * Call for times

Fee : $100 per person for regular class ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipes and a meal prepared

Fee : $120 per person for sushi class ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipes and a meal prepared) 

Class Card Package

Want to take classes more often? Here is great deal! 

Discount increases with more classes! Please take these great opportunity! 

 Classes:1 class= $70;   3 classes = $200;   6 classes =$400;  9 classes=$600;  12classes=$800​

Private Group Class -Customize 

Whatever you like, you can pick from Kate's menus. Arrange a schedule with her whenever you want!

As long as you gather 6 people, Kate can arrange your own cooking class! 

Have fun cooking with Kate whenever, whatever you want!

Fee will be varied, depending on what menus you pick, and where you would like to do your class. Call her to discuss!


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you may do so as long as it is at least 48 hours before the class. If less than 48 hours, you will be charged cancellation fees-75% for 24 to 48 hours in advance, 100% for the same day of your reserved class. We might provide you with credit for a future class of your choice, if you refer new students. If closer to the class date, you will be credited only if another student signs up in your place. Please notify us via email with any cancellation requests so we have the chance to replace you and you can maintain credit. Please include the date and title of the class. 

Class for moms/Day Time

Want to take Kate's class, but need to baby sit your kids? no worries!

Kate will arrange babysitters for you to participate in classes, come with kids! 

You will learn quick and easy, but still delicious dishes. 

Duration: 3 hours (depending on menus.) * Call for times

Fee : $70 per person ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipes and a meal prepared)

* Fee for babysitters will be charged separately

Basic Authentic Japanese Private Course (Beginner)

Kate will teach you how to cook authentic Japanese dishes such as sticky rice in the proper way; 

how to extract Dashi from scratch using seaweed, bonita flakes, and dried fish (sardine); 
then we will move on to next step- Savory Miso Soup from the extracted broth. 
Also we will prepare four authentic side dishes that will bring additional accents to rice and miso soup!

Duration: 2.5 hours (depending on side dishes) *Call for times

Fee : $100  (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipe, and a meal prepared)

Casual Japanese Italian Fusion

Kate offers you a four course casual meals fusion with Japanese Italian, starting with salad, pasta, side and entree with delightful table setting.  

You wil become a party expert. 

Duration:3 to 3.5 hours (depending on menus. ) *Call for times

Fee : $70 per person ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipes and a meal prepared)

Authentic Japanese 

Kate will teach you  Authentic Japanese recipes.  You will learn 4 types of dishes involving various vegetables, meats, and fish.

You will feel as if you are in Japan! 

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours (depending on menus. ) *Call for times

Fee : $70 per person ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipe and a  meal prepared)

Japanese American Fusion 

Kate offers you a four course fusion with Japanese American with an appetizer, salad, side dish,

and an entree with delightful table setting to complement the dishes.  

You will become an expert in setting up for parties. 

Duration:  3 to 3.5 hours (depending on menus. ) *Call for times

Fee : $70 per person ~ (Including instruction, all ingredients, recipes and a meal prepared)

Intensive Private Cooking Course :

5 week session.

You will learn about Authentic Japanese cuisine such as Nimono, Yakimono, Wan-mono, Agemono etc.  In the Eastern tradition.

Fee: $450 per person

telephone: 347-394-9447/Southern California