Your eye appreciates the blending of colors the way the tongue appreciates the blending of the flavors

To enter into the gastronomic world, you must understand the meaning of the phrase above. A luxurious dining experience includes not only enjoying the flavors but also appreciation of the design of each dish, viewed as fine culinary art.

The Palate of Flavors is what excites the Palate of the Mouth

Having an eclectic dining experience elevates your palate, and your cooking skills will be enhanced as you expand your appreciation of unique flavors.  If you wish to be an epicurean, or great chef, here is a place to learn!

A Box of Oil Paints doesn't make an Artist

With great seasonings, oils, soy sauce and other ingredients in your pantry, you have the opportunity to cook great food - but you have to know what to do.  You need a feeling for the flavors that can be combined in various ways so that you will always get the optimum result from whatever combination strikes your fancy on a given occasion.  Kate will give you the start for your masterpiece!

You Can't Write Instructions for how to Paint the Mona Lisa

Kate's Philosophy 

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Inspiration of culinary art 

Everyone needs to learn that to get through life with the greatest satisfaction we all must find a way to express ourselves in terms of our senses.  This might mean we create music, or art, or poetry, but it can also mean culinary art.  When we create a dish for a person we love, it is an expression of our heart.  It is not just COOKING, it is taking edible materials and forming a canvas like any other artist, it's just the canvas that we all must learn to appreciate beyond the daily ritual.  Kate will teach you to express yourself in a natural and loving way to those that you hold most dear.  When friends come over for an evening, they will experience something never before realized!

Kate says she is rewarded for her efforts when she can see her guest's' happy reactions to her spirit 

​of "Ichigo Ichie".

"Ichigo Ichie" is a proverbial expression in Japan, and literally means  "One opportunity in a lifetime", "it never happens again". The host wholeheartedly welcomes the guest as if the opportunity to receive the guest is a once in a life time event, and the host actualizes this meaning in action. Each moment should be treated with the utmost sincereity. It can be applied to your daily life, "all we have is today, so lets live it to the fullest"
This phrase-- "一期一会” or Ichigo-Ichie" is Kate's favorite motivation. As you will learn, Ichigo Ichie defines the great hospitality of entertaining.

looking for an unique experience either in the appreciation of elegant cuisine, or in learning the principles on which it is based. I decided to bring my craft to individuals looking to enjoy unusual tastes and to learn special skills.

The concept of my cooking is “fresh, easy in a simple way, as well as 

elegant and delightful". My goal is to teach you to make succulent dishes by trusting your pallet and following your instincts!  This fuels a respect and appreciation for my fresh and healthy ingredients.

​Teaching has been an incredibly rewarding way for me to connect with, as well as learn from others.  My mission is to build and foster community through sharing the love of cooking, but also the love for cooking from the heart.  In addition to the feeling you get when you cook naturally and from the heart, you will reap the rewards of a healthier body as you enjoy foods that have been prepared with honesty.

Born in Fukui Japan, the majority of my childhood memories take place in my family kitchen where my mother taught me to cook using fresh local fish (delivered daily), rice grown locally in nearby mountain spring water, and vegetables grown on local farms, including my grandmother's vegetable field.   Cooking quickly became my passion as I began catering birthdays, housewarming parties, showers and receptions to showcase and practice my craft.
Moving to the United States, I was surprised to see the lack of authentic Japanese Cuisine--Tempura Sushi for example. I made it my goal to share my extensive knowledge of traditional Japanese Cooking with anyone